An easy to use Track, Control, and Visualization System.




Traceability Software for Manufacturing


  • Build your application in hours instead of weeks
  • Visualize your logic at run time for debug
  • No .net programming required
  • One day of training is all you need


Plantwatch utilities show your logic flow in action! This allows for quick and easy debug without programming skills. Users can extend their applications without calling the dreaded system integrator  $$$.

Ask your traceability software for manufacturing vendor how to observe the logic flow in their product while running !!!

How do you see what is happening inside the run time product?? How can you support existing applications?



Configuration is as easy as 1, 2, 3,

  1.   Configure your devices to communicate and  create your tag variables.

    Creat your devices and name you application tags

    Device configuration and tag creation


2.   Build up your logic charts.

Process logic charts to perform data collection and traceability

Logic chart configuration3. Build the graphic screens

Build your Graphic screens for user interface

Graphic editor to build screens


4.  Run the application and watch your logic with live monitor

Line monitor shows application logic

Live Monitor of logic charts during run time