An easy to use Track, Control, and Visualization System.

Cummins uses PlantWatch to provide Error Proofing, Traceability and Control of its assembly and repair stations at its Monarch red and black head assembly operations. PlantWatch error proofs the assembly of fuel injectors into the head and manages the data associated with the injector’s fuel flow rate for downstream programming of the engine control module. Using Plant Watch’s control feature to manage conveyors, cameras, and PLC’s along with the ability to create data files in a complex directory structure allows Cummins to own and manage a “MES Light” system without outside integration support. Animated Graphics allows for operator interface to the system.

“HTE has installed two systems for our head assembly lines and we have been pleased with both installations. I will not hesitate to use HTE’s PlantWatch on future projects,”  said Brian Reed Cummins , Jamestown NY

HTE is excited with the quick adoption of PlantWatch by leading manufacturers and OEMs such as Cummins, Caterpillar, ZF Lemforder and HTT technologies. “Our vision of the need for a powerful, customer supportable “MES Light” product appears to be realized” said Dan Reed. President

PlantWatch Traceability, Control and Visualize software was developed to provide a powerful easy to use system to handle the control and traceability functions of a line or plant. Combining Graphics, Control, a SQL database and connectivity to plant devices allows PlantWatch users to develop their custom applications for Traceability, Error proofing, and SCADA. With simple drop down menus and a graphic editor users quickly deploy these systems with the knowledge they can make changes, add equipment and perform what if scenarios at their convenience.

Founded in 1990, HTE has been distributing and integrating products and solutions specializing in Machine Vision Systems, Vision Guided Robotics, AutoID, Traceability, Error Proofing, Direct Part Marking and Plant Floor Data Collection. HTE has provided solutions for Automotive, Aerospace, Food and Beverage, DOD, Packaging, Pharmaceutical as well as other industries.